The tiny kingdom that you own
Was made for you and you alone.
Your body is your tiny realm,
And you feel you are at the helm
When you can manage what takes place,
Avoiding harm and dark disgrace.

The other tiny kingdoms are
All ruled by their own petty tsar.
The rulers of these tiny lands
Look out and shoot their firebrands
At all the other foes they see.
They think attack will set them free.

And you believed you would be saved
By specialness, for what you craved
Was having enemies to fight,
To prove, by winning, you were right.
You looked outside your body and
You saw another tiny land:
A body dwelling in its space,
A body wishing to abase
Your tiny kingdom, ere you try
To conquer it and occupy
Its mental realm with all your thoughts,
With all your insults and onslaughts.

Your specialness fills you with pride,
As you demean the other side.
If you could see you were the same,
You wouldn’t try to throw the blame.
Your spirit would expand to hold
All other spirits, wealth untold.
Then none would fear to meet a foe,
For spirits soon would overflow
The tiny kingdoms and expand,
Till everyone shared common land.

Then everyone would live as one,
And there would be a central Sun.
We’d give all that we have to all,
And everyone would heed the call
To leave his kingdom for one goal:
To join the universal Whole.