Photo credit: Seyed Abdollah Shahrokni (used with permission)

Although we cherish all our books,
The native reads the flowing brooks.
Which one is wiser in his way?

While we record our big events,
The native feels what life presents
And surfs the waves without dismay.

And all the photos that we keep
Just make the native look and weep,
For nature has a fresh bouquet.

And while we drudge from nine to five,
The clockless native lives to thrive.
Which one receives the better pay?

While we have endless songs and words,
The native listens to the birds.
Which sounds refresh us when they play?

While we have shrinks to sort our minds,
The native naturally unwinds.
Can nature take his stress away?

We’ve frozen thoughts and frozen feelings.
We’ve lost the freshness of our dealings.
Is this humanity’s heyday?

With all of our recorded music, movies, videos, and cyberspace “lives,” have we lost something? Do we listen to more disembodied voices (in our music recordings and videos) than real, embodied voices? Do we view the sun and moon and nature more often in pictures than in real life? Are we disconnected from reality?